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John Stossel: Insurance Makes Healthcare Far More Expensive

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John Stossel makes the case that we should pay for own healthcare. What a shocking notion!

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25 Responses to “John Stossel: Insurance Makes Healthcare Far More Expensive”
  1. hyylo says:



  2. jimbo525SE says:

    @1776independent The biggest problem with health insurance today is that insurance in general is not supposed to look like this. Insurance is a risk pool that covers things that you cant’ afford. No one is saying that insurance shouldn’t cover bypass surgery, but insurance really shouldn’t cover you for a routine physical. That would be like car insurance paying you to get your oil changed.

  3. jimbo525SE says:

    @zoticus1 I love that system. Gas tax pays for roads, so its a pay as you go policy without the hassle of tolls. Well at least mostly. I’m not sure if the construction is done by a private company that contracts with the government or just all government run though. I hope they contract with private companies. My 0.02

  4. jimbo525SE says:

    Income taxes are a big reason why we are here in the first place. That is where job benefits came from. Workers wanted tax free compensation and thus started health insurance as a benefit. To compete with other companies the health? insurance offered covered almost everything. This had two negative consequences.

    1. The bureaucracy of health insurance made everything cost most. More paperwork etc

    2. We didn’t care what things cost so we consumed more which drove the cost up.

  5. natdavi says:

    hmu. never thought of it that way

  6. soccer92489 says:

    Whole Food= Whole Paycheck

  7. ForTehNguyen says:

    i dont get why people try to go through the hassle of insurance to get them to pay for a $20 flu shot.

  8. sobserver says:

    Yeh! Why buy flu medication, when I can buy HIV drugs? My insurance will be paying for it. Why have a mump shot, when I can have a by-pass surgery, it’s more expensive and my insurance will pay for it.

  9. safewaysecurity says:

    John Stossel is the Leviathan

  10. zoticus1 says:

    Guess the guy in the end forgot about the roads he drives on is payed for and maintained by city taxes?
    But yeah what do you expect to come from a system that rewards greed?

  11. ChallengeDK says:

    41 idiots rejecting the truth as of now…

  12. TombaFanatic says:

    I don’t think he’s so much against insurance than he is against forcing insurance companies to cover more things than necessary.

    Pay into (potentially cheaper) insurance, so if you get a serious condition like cancer or a heart attack, you’re covered.
    However if you have the sniffles, pay for that yourself. Without all the paper work a doctor has to do because of the constant insurance, going to the doctor would be cheaper in the first place.

  13. 1776independent says:

    Is Mr. Stossel suggesting that people need to go to the doctor as often as they need to eat? Or that a person’s food bill has the potential to reach $10,000/day?

    He makes some reasonably salient points about altering the ‘fee-for-service’ approach in which the insured simply ‘orders up’ treatments in a budget-less format. But, as is his style, he oversimplifies while sounding reasonable.

    Health insurance is, indeed, a necessary thing. Just ask a cancer patient.

  14. quagg4256 says:

    Men like John Stossle make the world a better place.

  15. AgentOrange04 says:

    everyone wants to talk about high cost of health coverage but noone seems to touch the high medical cost in this country due to govt regulations

  16. andypark999 says:

    The thing to understand about this is that Stossel is being pretty objective here, he’s talking about a relatively simple economic concept called Moral Hazard. I’m sorry if the truth makes you sad.

  17. libralssuck says:

    @tmoneyproduction Go blow a goat ya argumentative sack of shit ….nothing in my statement detracted from Stossel ya ignorant fuck ….do you even know who Milton Friedman is……dumb ass hippy moron….i think stoss is great, hes doing what we should all be doing …learning something new every day–you obviously cant grasp that kind of concept, Milt said that 3rd party healthcare was watered down socialized medicine and not economically viable, years ago- was my point skippy…

  18. tmoneyproduction says:

    @libralssuck fuck off Stossel is the shit!

  19. libralssuck says:

    milton friedman said this years ago

  20. HotKebab says:

    John Stossel for president. =D

  21. viperdawg41192 says:

    John Stossel is the best journalist out there. He is fair and listens to everybody’s side of the story. He presents every aspect of every situation which very easily allows people to decide what is right and wrong.

  22. dodododa says:

    @PresidentRich Not really. Cancer lasts a long time. You can apply for insurance the day of your diagnosis and be accepted no questions asked. Or maybe people will just get the bare minimum insurance in case of emgergency, then get something better if they get a chronic problem. Either way, I don’t think the insurance company’s 2% profit margin is going to hold up. lol.

  23. PresidentRich says:

    @dodododa It’s like waiting for your house to burn down before getting fire insurance, haha. Total madness.

  24. PresidentRich says:

    John Stossel is the love of my life.

  25. dodododa says:

    Well hardly anyone is going to get healthcare now. What’s the point, when you can just take it out no questions asked when you get sick. No more waisting $5000 a year for me.

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