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??????????????No Game No Life??OP?-This Game-Full Size-?drum cover????????

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??????????????? New channel bokosuka2014? ?TV Size?? ??????????????(´ …

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses to “??????????????No Game No Life??OP?-This Game-Full Size-?drum cover????????”
  1. Kaito Shion says:

    That Moment When Sora’s Voicer Voiced Kirito And Lubba From Akame Ga Kill?

  2. Aru EiyKay says:

    Maybe he only wants a community who likes his drum cover than his face ?
    It’s probably like Nano. All want see her faces, but she wont show us. But
    it’s probably because they hate them face, and then they want play music
    and sing only with them talent. Or only for them talent and they aren’t
    ugly. But never mind. Nano sings really good, good artist for me, and this
    man who plays drum very good. In cover.. or probably more ? I don’t know.?

  3. Abby Cheng says:

    Am i the only one who thinks Sora is pretty hot… IF ONLY PEOPLE LIKE THIS

  4. AtomicCookies says:

    Youtube is racist or something. They think we are all asian or something
    and put translate under all these comments. It’s like, “Do you not speak

    Look children. Below these sentences, there’s a translate!?

  5. Rice Usagi says:

    And you can play piano??!???

  6. TheDarkKnight says:

    eres el puto dios de la musica joder …… like?

  7. JesseMusicc says:

    Inhaling an unlit cigarette, is there any point to that? Good cover apart
    from that lol.?

  8. keenan therrien says:

    GOOD STUFF love it I give this a 10/10 a like and a sub?

  9. VermillionStars AJ says:

    *sora in the picture*
    ‘hey look, I can play the drums without my hands and i can look at you, i’m
    too badass!’?

  10. Alex Pepperoni says:

    He knows how to play the guitar to? Nice talent man! Btw if you don’t know
    what I’m talking about there was a guitar next to his piano.?

  11. Britneyz Pong says:


  12. UndeadSlayer5 says:

    +bokosuka2013 dude u are awesome keep it up?

  13. HeinkelTag animations says:

    ?????? ????, ? ????????.?

  14. Justin liu says:


  15. alejandro navarro says:

    no season 2 no live T,T?

  16. Rodrigo Vieira says:

    Adoro essa música ?

  17. HingleMcCringleBerry says:

    solid cover, props?

  18. EDI Slendering says:

    Wait. I can imagine Sora Playing the drums. I think it suits him?

  19. CreeperBomb says:

    This song always makes my feels go everywhere. I wish there will be s2 asap?

  20. GrashalmTuts says:

    My Friend, I’m amazed by you! You make look it so easy and make it sound so
    good! You got my respect :)?

  21. GiaT?nh T? says:

    OMG how good he is, but why he cover his face? ?

  22. Abe Sapien says:

    This drum cover makes me cry. So good and so tight~ ?

  23. Justin liu says:

    Im trying to learn how to play this?

  24. Laser PewPew says:

    hahhahah lol that picture though haahaaahha?

  25. Miiti Inari says:

    Can i have your autographe *-*?

  26. Peyton says:

    I am groot?

  27. t.milne says:

    Awesome!!! Thumbs up!!! What chords were you playing on the piano??? is
    there good sheet music or any specific chords to do with a band? Thanks!?

  28. Alya Iman Naseruddin says:

    Megan!!!!! Why are you so pretty ? :p :)?

  29. bridgette her says:

    your awesome :)?

  30. El PER says:


  31. Christina Fast says:

    LOVE this song <3 You guys did an amazing job on it!!?

  32. TheVitaoBR says:

    The only good cover I found of this music.?

  33. ItsDamith_Deshan says:

    Amazing voices! Great video :)?

  34. BlackCatBastet says:

    They both are really great singers, but it’s obvious that they both don’t
    really “feel” this song… :( I’m disappointed, I came here looking for a
    cover with people who understood and loved this song, even if they sung
    badly, and instead I found a cover with no feeling at all but two good

  35. Megan Nicole Kosovo says:

    I will always support you Megan <3?

  36. XXcoolnummerXX says:

    ????Good !!!?

  37. Don Supul says:

    love it ?

  38. Katrina V says:

    all I have to say are 3 lettered WOW and OMG?

  39. MichaelFreidankMusic says:

    really great!!?

  40. Rachel Champagne says:

    OMG I love alex goot this duet it Amazing?

  41. FrozenIce Elle says:

    Wow wow wow!!!?

  42. Juliana Yess says:

    this song cover makes me cry. your voice is so beautiful, megan!?

  43. pheonixflash says:

    Not a fan of cover songs but this was awesome!?

  44. TONightCore™ - Daily Electronic Music says:

    so cute >///

  45. Dominik Offermanns says:

    Gay Cover..?

  46. Mike Murphy says:

    Megan!….Alex!……GREAT JOB! Yes both great voices..she is very pretty
    (marketable)..gotta get this in front of the big guys in the music
    industry. I’d buy this song!?

  47. Niklas Ferreira says:

    Alex Goot one of the best YouTube singers ever …!?

  48. Maja Payan says:

    i love you guy’s keep up the good work :)?

  49. Faith Bogle says:

    Alex Goot is a great singer, but Megan is to! :) :/?

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